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Muelle 12 – from 17th to 25th August  2021

Muelle 12 – from the 17th to 25th August  2021

What is FRESCA!

FRESCA! is my grandmother’s lemonade; it’s my cousin, the one from Huelva.  FRESCA! is a night in August, a Sunday afternoon siesta or jumping in puddles on rainy days.   FRESCA! is relaxing in bed with nothing to do, it’s running through the countryside, it’s my sister’s face in the mornings. FRESCA! is culture.

The Institut Valencià de Cultura presents the freshest bet of the summer in Alicante: an international festival of performing arts, that’s here to stay. FRESCA! is a new window into culture that brings a refreshing, current, fun and transversal breeze, opening for the first time in Alicante.

The FRESCA! Programme

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Where are we?

If ever there was a perfect place to be fresh in the middle of summer, it’s next to the sea. That’s why we’ve put on our flip-flops and left the Teatre Arniches for Muelle 12, in the Muelle de Levante in the Port of Alicante.

When will we be with you?

From the 17th to the 25th August at Muelle 12.

Next year we’ll be back in July or September we’re not sure yet. What’s certain is that it will be in the summer, in the outdoors.